Press Release

Zartech Introduces Revamped Channel Partner Program

Press Release | Dallas September 25, 2021

Zartech launched its updated Channel Partner Program, as the cybersecurity company looks to enhance revenue opportunities and business value for its network of global and regional partners. The revamped program includes tiered program offerings for partners and reseller, effectively aligning the program with similar partner programs throughout the channel.

“We made a significant decision internally within the company to take our business to the channel,” said Abu Sadeq, CEO at Zartech. “Working with partners you’ve got to help them be enabled, you’ve got to help them be successful. By working with partners, it gives us a chance to see more opportunities, participate in more opportunities and really spread the Cyberator product utilization on a broader basis.”

The revised program is expected to greatly drive sales for Zartech while also offering VARs new opportunities and advantages that were previously unavailable.

Beginning with the new program, partners will be ranked according to three tiers (Platinum, Gold and Associate levels) with each subsequent offering giving partners more benefits. The new partner program will also offer tech support and training through Zartech University to help partners maximize their sales, with assistance from channel sales managers helping them to drive their sales velocity and closure rates. Joint marketing materials and activities will be provided to further promote Zartech’s presence in the channel and drive sales. All of the new benefits can be accessed through Zartech’s Partner Portal.

Sadeq noted also that Zartech plans on expanding its distribution to North America, which will further help the company identify new partners to continue growing throughout the channel.

“With this greatly enhanced program, and our expanded commitment to channel success, our partners are fully enabled with a true best-in-class program, as well as our best-in-class products,” said Sadeq. “Our channel partners are a primary sales delivery vehicle, and we are committed to their growth and success.”

Contact: Tania Haque | 214-631-09353