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Cybersecurity Report for Board Members/Directors and Sr. Management


Just as boards are charged with overseeing a company’s financial systems and controls, they also have a duty to oversee a company’s management of cybersecurity, including oversight of appropriate risk mitigation strategies, systems, processes and controls. Board members/directors and senior management need information about the cybersecurity risks an entity faces to help them fulfill their oversight responsibilities. This information will help them understand the entity’s cybersecurity risks that could threaten the achievement of the entity’s operational, financial, legal and regulatory objectives, all of which could have an adverse impact on the business’s value and stock price. They also want information from an independent third-party evaluator that will help them evaluate management’s effectiveness in managing cybersecurity risks. 

By leveraging the intelligence of our Cyberator solution in merging and mapping cybersecurity frameworks against the existing and future posture of the organization, we provide a maturity report that presents the metrics that depict the maturity of the organization’s cybersecurity program. The maturity rating we present, is a measure of effectiveness of implemented controls across People, Process & Technology. The maturity report includes metrics that allow the board to monitor the progress of the identified improvement efforts.
Benefits of the report:

  • Non-technical with an enterprise-wide strategic overlay

  • Provides transparency to key elements of the entity’s cyber risk management program

  • Improves communications between the Board and management

  • Enhances confidence in the integrity of info presented.