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Cybersecurity & Data Privacy Assessments

Your company faces IT risk daily and your customers/business partners hold you accountable for ensuring that your organization’s cyber security strategy meets business objectives and is adopted as a strategic risk. They also need assurance that their personal and sensitive data is being protected. So, cyber risk and data privacy assessment is a crucial part of any company or organization’s risk management strategy. Our automated solution, Cyberator is an all-in-one cybersecurity tool that simplifies the complexity of assessments, accurately identifies all the gaps and helps you make steady improvement in your cybersecurity efforts based on the improvement plan.

How does Cyberator work?
  • Guided self-assessments for cybersecurity and data privacy
  • Leverages multiple security frameworks, industry standards and regulations to check how your organization conforms
  • Takes a 360° view of the cybersecurity and privacy programs in areas such as process, people and technology
  • Provides quantifiable maturity scores for the cybersecurity and privacy programs, along with a full blown project management plan to address the gaps

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  • Comprehensive report that consists of maturity scores and analysis of your entire cybersecurity and data privacy program
  • Prioritized remediation plans to address the gaps
  • Recommendations for achieving privacy compliance
  • Recommendations and reviews based on best practices
  • Policies and templates


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Don't wait to get hacked!

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                   Who Needs It?
    • Any industry and any organization size
    • Any organization that wants to improve their cybersecurity posture and maturity level
    • Any organization that want to meet privacy regulations and avoid fines


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