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The Evolving Data Privacy Landscape

If your organization is collecting, analyzing or sharing personal data, you are facing data privacy challenges that put it at risk. 

Does your organization have a global reach? If so, have you conquered the battle with GDPR compliance? GDPR is not going away, and along with it now comes CCPA (U.S.), LGPD (Brazil), and several other global and national regulations that are just about to be released.

While the European privacy laws (including the member states) had more time to be developed, and have little ambiguity when it comes to definitions, CCPA was drafted with great speed, and it appears to leave more room for interpretation, which can, at times, make it more complex to operationalize.

We hold on to the anchors we know, such as COPPA compliance, the HIPAA act, and other tested and vetted regulations that have had many years of being solidified and interpreted, but in vain can we rely on how we managed those, and we need to develop new mechanisms of continuing to be prepared for new privacy laws.
Here are some engaging tips that might help you in your journey:
  • Create a ‘data privacy day’ in your organization and bring all functions and units together to provide ideas and bring questions, based on the training and the awareness campaigns that you have in place (leverage GDPR overviews, sample DPIA, talk about GDPR and CCPA fines, requirements, GDPR standard contractual clauses, etc.). A lot of the business process-re-engineering ideas can come from this day, if you create workshops and you brainstorm on how to make the best of these laws, fulfill your compliance obligations, and create a competitive edge for the organization

  • Run a podcast or a ‘radio show’ called CCPA 2020 and have the staff call in for a weekly 15-30 minute show and voice their questions, concerns, lack of understanding, etc. This can create great momentum with regards to engagement and clarification of ambiguities

  • Call in for a special gathering of “Big Data and Privacy” or “Analytics/Data Science and Privacy”, and strategize on the best architectural and delivery models for this special aspect of data management in its life-cycle. Data architects can influence enormously the success of your implementation of data privacy laws 
Above all, look for ways to engage as many stakeholders as possible, so that ideas on operationalizing this towards success can come from all corners of the organization.

   We can help with your privacy challenges!

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We have the expertise in the full spectrum of needs, including data privacy assessment, the creation of documentation, in the area of privacy and as it pertains to the U.S. and global regulations. We can help aid in the creation and integration of documentation that bridges the legal activities in place and the already established technical and process approach/methodology, towards the fulfillment of the CCPA regulation.
  1. Privacy Policy integration and inclusion of CCPA
  2. CCPA, deliverables-based, Training Documentation
  3. Establishment of a governance program for CCPA
  4. Data mapping and data flows

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