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Third Party Vendor Security Risk Assessment
We make assessing your third-party vendor's security posture super easy!

You depend on your third-party vendors to embrace sound cybersecurity practices, but do they? There are myriad security risks in giving third-party vendors access to your network and data. If a third party gets hacked, your company can lose vital business data, and confidential employee information can be compromised. You can now use a standardized way to assess the cybersecurity maturity of all your third-party vendors with our automated tool.

Cyberator makes assessing or auditing your vendor, partner, supplier and other thirdparty relationships super easy. With just a few clicks, you can start automated campaigns for one or hundreds via the web console, collect the data and manage it using realtime dashboard. You can then view or print the reports for your onsite audit if needed.

Cyberator provides the ability to shift the most time consuming, costly and repetitive assessment activities to us and your suppliers, freeing your team to focus on remediation, mitigation activities and other strategic initiatives.

By completing the assessment your third-party partner will receive a free report.
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