Why scoping is key to CMMC success – Speaker: Russell Cowdrey

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The DoD is mandating that all contractors that conduct business with the DoD, have to obtain Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). In this webinar, Russell will discuss what CMMC is about and how to prepare for it. He will also cover how to figure out the scope of effort required to pass the CMMC assessment and also provide some valuable recommendations for completing the CMMC project. Speaker: Russell Cowdrey Russell Cowdrey has 25+ years of experience in the technology space serving in diverse roles such as Usability Analyst, Software DevelopmentSEE DETAILS


The Fluid Ecosystem of Risk Management – Speaker: Paola Saibene

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Risk and innovation go hand in hand in an increasingly demanding market. Various risk functions in an organization can benefit from aligning & supporting each other, so that they can operate as one towards the mitigation of risk, while building a sustainable ecosystem. Risk and innovation go hand in hand in an increasingly demanding market.• Find out how we can get our arms around successfully managing security, privacy, risk and audit• Find out what is the root cause for most successful security breaches and operational outages• Find out what howSEE DETAILS